lovely’s for Mothers – Valentines – Friends – Day!

” Save the date for your love , Valentine’s Day is coming,
A little present for the One
Handmade Unique by Ritchie Karkowski
Necklace combined to Keychains
( red Heart Swarovski Glas / Stone )
( red Velvet Ribbon )

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    hand made by ritchie karkowski…Unique
  • Valentine, Mother, Friend -s’Day items
  • Once a year, Every day the 14th, My valentine, Just a sign, Just to say:      
  • “ I Love you, remember me,
  • I’m thinking of you, you are mine,
  • it’s greatful to have you,…”
  • Short Sleeves & Long Sleeves Shirts: 69,-   /   Vest Shirt with Cape: 89,-
  • *Price in Euro, excl. postage and packing.
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